In this story I will give overview of the evolution of the in Java.

You can skip this paragraph. Here I will give you some theoretical definition what enum is. Object oriented view: enum is generalization of Singelton design pattern. Singelton means, that we can have up to 1…

This month Anaconda 2021.05 was released. For the first time it contains support for “64-bit AWS Graviton2 (ARM64) platform”. Why do you care? Let’s look first on very short description of what is ARM64.

ARM (Advanced RISC Machine, originally Acorn RISC Machine. RISC = Reduced Instruction Set Computer) is a…

Description of high-level API module at AlexBerUtils project

ymlparsers and parser modules serves as Low-Level API for this module. Here is the story about ymlparsers and here is is the story about parser.

The source code you can found here. It is available as part of my AlexBerUtils s project.

You can install AlexBerUtils from PyPi:

python3 -m…


It is not strickly required to read, theoretical part. The main result of it is provided here.

The last example illustrate how to implement mixin in Python.

Theoretically, not for any inheritance graph C³ Linearization Algorithm can be linearized. In practice, it is rarely happen, and if it did, Python…

and other routine

What is generator in Python? Let’s look on what Wikipedia has to say:

Note: I’ve simplified code a bit.

Generators were added to Python in version 2.2 in 2001.[6] An example generator:

In Python, a generator can be thought of as an iterator that contains a…

In this story I’m just sharing my little research that I did.

Key takeaways:

  • Dask 1.0.0 version was released at end of November 2018, and the development was started in about 2015. I would like to explore it further later.
  • Spark is on my explore list for quite a long…

Description module at AlexBerUtils project

This is Thin adapter layer that redirects stdout/stderr (or any other stream-like object) to standard Python’s logger.

The source code you can found here. It is available as part of my AlexBerUtils s project.

You can install AlexBerUtils from PyPi:

python3 -m pip install -U alex-ber-utils

You can optionally install…

Useful functions for Selenium umbrella project.

I’ve started to use Selenium’s related products and how found that documentation is misleading, it doesn’t promote best practice. Moreover, many components has memory/resource leaks that are not fixed for years. …

Suppose, that you have some multi-threaded/multi-process application where each thread/process creates some file (each thread/process create different file) and you want to join them to one file. Created file have some naming convention, for example , and the resulting file should be .

Note: You can put, for example, thread/process…

It is very difficult if not impossible to pickle exceptions back to the parent process.

Simple ones work, but many others don’t.

For example, is not pickable (my guess, this is because of , data-members).

This means, that if child process raise that is not catched, it…


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